Village of Jala & Exploration of Mount Ceboruco

Guadalajara, Mexico (not too far away)
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Where is Mount Ceboruco?

Location: 120 Km (75 miles) WNW of Guadalajara, in Nayarit along the Tepic-Zacoalco Rift. 21.145N 104.50W
Elevation: 2164m (7,100 feet)
For a broad view of the Mexican volcanic belt (including Ceboruco) click here.
Having just departed the gateway village of Jala, we head toward Mt Ceboruco
Giant cacti, near Jala
Another view, near Jala
Good view of road surface as we leave Jala
Typical stretch of the cobblestone road which leads all the way to Ceboruco's summit
Road to Ceboruco -remnants of earlier an rockslide
Behind volcanic debris in foreground, a microwave tower is visible near the summit
What we really came to see, volcanic activity, in this case a fumarole
Extremely hot steam escapes from Ceboruco through many gopher-hole sized vents
Group of cattle encountered while descending Mt Ceboruco
View from Mt Ceboruco as sunset approaches
Steeple of this cathedral is visible from anywhere in Jala


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