Heading Up the East Cape Road
from San Jose del Cabo

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cape.jpg Pristine East Cape beach north of Los Cabos
104.22 Kb
760 x 507
cape0.jpg Palm trees on East Cape playa (beach)
47.08 Kb
600 x 400
capebugy.jpg Dune buggy on the road up the East Cape
127.66 Kb
760 x 507
capegoa2.jpg Watch out for pedestrians!
66.85 Kb
760 x 507
capegoa3.jpg These goats are reminiscent African antelope as they stand on their hind legs to get a snack.
77.90 Kb
600 x 400
capegoat.jpg Goats grabbing a bite an hour or so north of San Jose del Cabo
146.63 Kb
507 x 760
capetre2.jpg Dave, the photographer extraordinaire, at a zalate tree on the Cape
119.45 Kb
760 x 507

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